KY Grads was founded as National Achievement Source in 2009 right here in Lexington, KY by Chris and Charlie Gancio. We are a family business that specializes in Graduations, Championship Rings, and school consulting. 

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Customer Service First

• KY Grads is devoted to providing the highest level of Customer Service possible. • This level of service is incorporated into every aspect of our business. • We are not a perfect company. As much as anyone can prepare, issues can and do happen. KY Grads is founded on the idea that our high level of Customer Service is based on how those issues are resolved

Partnership Based Programs

• KY Grads develops a business partnership with each school, student, and parent. • Win/Win/Win partnerships in any economic climate

Cutting Edge Products, Services, and Marketing

• We challenge ourselves to get better and more innovative each and every day. • Our goal is to think outside the box as much as possible in regard to sales, product development, and marketing plans • Every school is different, and KY Grads will use these approaches to help design a program to best fits the needs of each school.

Guaranteed Low Prices

• Highest Quality products at the lowest prices • Competitive buying power to ensure lower pricing

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A brief history!

In 2009 Chris and his father Charlie started National Achievement Source to provide high quality graduation products at lower prices to students across the state of Kentucky. We built our business off of the 4 cornerstones listed above and have always strived to provide the highest customer service possible. During the COVID pandemic, we decided to rebrand our company as KY Grads and showcase the local schools right here in Kentucky!

The graduation products industry in Kentucky is dominated by 2 national companies. (Jostens and Herff Jones). Creating a de-facto monopoly. Raising prices and giving little to nothing back to the schools they service.  


However, through open records requests we have been able to match the custom gowns needed for your school right here in Lexington, KY! We work directly with the manufacturers to get a wholesale price and save you almost 50% compared to our competitors. 

If there is any issue with your gown, we will be happy to work with you and the school to resolve it asap. Our number one priority is making sure you have the best graduation possible!


Kentucky High School Custom Gowns

Frederick Douglass High School
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All of our products are available for FREE pick up here in Lexington or shipped directly to your home. Orders shipped directly to your home are charged the variable rate we are charged from the postal service. 


No deadlines or "Service" fees, ever! Order whenever you're ready without worrying about the price changing. Even if it's the day before graduation, we will figure out a way to get you a gown as soon as possible!


If there is any issue with your order, please give us a call or message us online right away. We will do everything we can to make sure you have a wonderful graduation. If your cap and gown may seem a little big, it's OK! We error on the side of caution and always send out the larger size when a graduate is "in-between" two sizes. Don't worry we already have a second gown reserved for you in the next size down ready to go.